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Mission Statement


There are two other notable differences that make Marcello Banion your go to Collection Firm! We attempt to collect applicable fees and interest, as well as the principle balance placed with us.  We also succeed on 30% of the accounts we collect.  This allows us to make our clients 100% WHOLE in those cases. It's our fundamental belief that our clients deserve to get their money as fast as possible.  Our Fast-Track Remit policy allows us to remit any funds collected for our clients in TEN BUSINESS DAYS.  If we collect an account today, a check will be shipped to you in exactly two weeks, rather than the industry standard of 45 to 90 days

• Highest Possible Collection Yield on Accounts
• Fastest Remits in the Industry
• Direct Mail, Fax & Telephone Calls
• Face to Face Meetings with Debtors
• Financial Investigations
• Attorney Demands & Litigation
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